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Our dress code at Point of Grace Christian is very important and it is enforced daily. It is the responsibility of both the parents/guardians and students to know and conform to the dress code at POGC.

Dress Code (Applies to boys and girls)

  • The POGC dress code is based on the biblical principles of dress and appearance: modesty,neatness, and appropriateness. Therefore, the goal of the POGC dress code is to ensure our students are dressed in a manner that is clean, conservative, and modest. At the same time, thePOGC dress code is written as to not put an undue burden on POGC families when purchasing clothes. Without exception, student’s clothing must be appropriate for a Christian School.
  • The official POGC school uniform (when required) consist of:
    • Shirts: solid black, yellow or a combination of these colors (e.g. black and yellow striped shirt) with no other markings on the shirt; POGC logo shirt to include locally made,POGC Relay-for-Life shirts, POGC events shirts
    • Pants/shorts/skirts: khaki, blue, denim, or black
  • All students must have at least one POGC school uniform for mandatory uniform days. 
  • Click here for an example of the POGC Uniform
  • School uniforms are mandatory on: Chapel days; picture days; field trips (when designated by POGC Administration); special events (when designated by POGC Administration).
  • With the exception of the abovementioned mandatory uniform days, there is no color, pattern, style or other restrictions on clothing, as long as all the requirements of this policy are adhered to.


  • Inappropriate or offensive logos, words, messages on any clothing are not allowed
  • Hats will not be worn inside school buildings (e.g., Chapel, classrooms, lunchroom)


  • Tennis shoes, boots, or any type of full fitting shoe
  • Crocs and croc-style shoes; back strap must be properly worn; must be worn with socks
  • Sandals; must be strapped-on sandals
    • POGC highly recommends closed-toed shoes for use on the playground, recess, and P.E. POGC is not liable for incidents arising from students wearing sandals.
  • No flip-flops, cleats, Healy’s, or girl’s heels (unless for special occasions)


  • Shirts are to be neat, modest in appearance, and in good repair
  • Shirts must not be tight fitting and must not reveal any undergarments
  • No spaghetti straps, tank tops, side-cutout shirts, or backless shirts
  • No low-cut revealing shirts (acceptable with an undershirt)
  • Shirts must have sleeves which cover to at least the arm’s edge of the shoulder


  • Pants/jeans/Capri’s are to be neat, modest in appearance, and in good repair
  • No holes above the knees
  • No low-cut jeans, hip huggers, skin-tight style jeans
  • Spandex-style pants and biker shorts are not acceptable unless worn with shorts
  • Exposed undergarments of any kind are not allowed

Shorts (boys & girls); skirts (girls only); skorts (girls only); skirts/dresses (girls only)

  • Must extend below the fingertips with arms placed naturally at the student’s side
  • No holes in shorts/skirts/skorts are allowed
  • Swimsuits for POGC functions: boys will wear a t-shirt with swim trunks. Girls can wear a modest one-piece suit or two-piece completely covered by a t-shirt.


  • Modest jewelry, including rings, bracelets, necklaces are allowed for boys and girls
  • Modest earrings are allowed for girls only
  • Lip, nose or body piercings (except for girl’s ears) are not allowed
  • Non-Christian jewelry, trinkets, attire, etc., are not allowed


  • Unnatural hair coloring (includes unnatural shades of red) is not allowed
  • Faddish styles haircuts are not allowed: e.g., Mohawks; words, designs, letters shaved in the hair; rattails; liberty spikes; devilock
  • Girls hair should be combed and neatly groomed
  • Boys hair should be combed, neatly groomed and cut above the collar line, bangs kept above the brow line, and hair should not extend past the middle of the ear lobe
  • Facial hair, if applicable, will be neat, well-groomed, and no more than ½” in length

Make-up (Girls only)

  • Should be conservative and modest
  • Excessive, extreme, “grunge-style” application, or “emo-style” application of make-up is not allowed



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